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Post Card Print Design created by Canadian artist, Nicholas Romanakis. Vancouver, British Columbia based graphic design services.

The Centre for Arts and Technology is located in both Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a post-secondary school offering diploma programs in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Professional Photography, Digital Film, Audio Engineering, and Animation.

The digital art school wanted a postcard designed. A piece of marketing material that could be sent to students that had been accepted to the Graphic Design & Web Development Program. The main requirements were to incorporate the school’s social media handles, logo design, address, and a short message.

The best designs are the simplest designs that send a clear message.  The Desk layout was chosen because as a Graphic Designer, it is your main workspace. Photoshop was used to composite a few images together as well as impose a screenshot of the College’s website onto the computer monitor. The design Hierarchy is precise and the social media channels were included in a creative way that makes them a part of the overall scene.

As a graphic designer, Creating realistic digital mock-ups of your designs helps your client get a feel for the finished product without it yet being tangible.

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