Salty Swimwear

Brand Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Print Design

Salty Swimwear brand logo design of a yellow and turquoise wave beside the brand name.

Brand identity design, logo, business card, poster design, and merchandise mockups.

This brand package is currently available for purchase.

Black and white logo design variations for salty swimwear clothing brand.
Business card designs with logos for Salty Swimwear Clothing Brand.
Salty swimwear print advertisement poster design and vector illustration of a surfer with his board standing on a beach with palm trees and birds flying in front of a large setting sun.
Salty Swimwear print poster advertisement design being displayed on the side of a bus stop bench in front of choppy sea water.
A white sleeveless t-shirt design with the yellow and turquoise, Salty Swimwear logo, printed on the front.
The back of a white sleeveless t-shirt with the Salty Swimwear logo design printed in the bottom right.
Salty Swimwear logo mark design printed and embroidered on a hat.
Salty Swimwear logo design printed on a tote bag.
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