Website Design

Your Website Is Your #1 Marketing Asset.

There is no better marketing investment for your brand than a quality website design. Using a website to create an online presence will put you in the hands of potential customers, literally.

Why You Ask?

We live in a digital era where the average person spends over 3.5 hours cruising websites on their cell phones each day. That time increases with the average millennial to upwards of 4.5 hours.

The internet is global and a website allows you to reach customers that would otherwise not be possible.  Also, a company with a website instantly evokes more trust and professionalism when compared to one with no website at all.

An illustrated hand pointing one finger upwards to signify the number 1. The colours of the hand use the blue and black brand colours for Vancouver, BC based graphic & website designer, Nicholas Romanakis.

I Build Websites That offer Small Businesses The Online Presence Required To Thrive.

Are you looking for a clean and sophisticated website, designed to promote your services while providing customers a point of contact?

I build responsive websites that look great on both desktop and mobile browsers. All websites come with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL for secure internet connection), a contact form that points to an email of your choice, and reCAPTCHA to protect you from bots and spam mail.

What Costs Are Associated With Running A Website?

The initial upfront cost of designing and building a website will vary by its complexity. It’s best to discuss your needs and wants before an estimate is able be produced.

Once the website is designed and built there are monthly fees which cover web hosting & site maintenance. Web hosting is the cost to keep your website on the internet. Site maintenance is the cost to run backups and updates to the software that is used to build the website. On top of that, there are annual fees for renewing the website domain name.

A plastic piggy bank in the blue brand colour of Nicholas Romanakis, a Graphic and Website Designer located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Nicholas Romanakis Graphic Design's Blue logo mark on dark background.

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